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Social Audit

We use the social audit to determine how well your existing social media marketing is working, along with how closely it aligns with your brand position and voice. Through this process, we help gain a detailed understanding of your brand and industry landscape, identify your audience. We then determine the most appropriate channels in which to build your community, recommend messaging themes that are likely to resonate and pinpoint how to activate your community to become evangelists.

Social Listening

Valuable opinions about your company, products, competitors, and industry are flying everywhere across the web. Social listening allows you to capture and categorize these insights. You’ll understand the brand sentiment, the effectiveness of campaigns and products, general likes and dislikes, consumer expectations, and much more — and you’ll get these learnings around competitors, as well. So, together, we can capitalize on their shortcomings.

Statistical Modeling

In order to continually strengthen a brand’s marketing over the long-term, it’s necessary to overlay a scientific process that allows you to benchmark, critically evaluate and uncover the right information to confidently reshape the program. While we study the data like everyone else, using enterprise visualization and business intelligence tools, we also apply statistics to look for hidden issues and opportunities that direct us toward where we should be evolving.

Data Visualization

Oftentimes, the difficulty with data is making it palatable for the intended audience, whether that be the people inside your company or consumers. Our visualizations simplify and beautify complex information and can be used to track campaigns in real-time to identify trends, making reaction time immediate for better results.

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